Hysterical Ruptures of a Young Mind !

Now that he got this idea of a blog, believed that there is a lot that can be typed but a lot more that would be hard to recall and explain. Dismal memories of the past, unforeseeable future, that disturbs the equilbrium  of the mind. It can be a story of a young guy from a small town of India, in his twenties now, leading a normal life (few vicissitudes) , not expecting any colossal loss like every other soul around and suddenly the tables turn. A very vague description, isn’t it ? Well, the title endorses the same 😐

Now,  he had built his character in his own way, carelessly but precisely,  has to face this dire situation now .  The first thing that comes to his mind is, ” I’ll be cool about it.” Recent years have shown him heartbreaks in love, self-harm techniques but the suicidal tendencies were newborn. Even now he could comprehend to his situation, foresee a future, and this was all due to the way he had lived, ideas he developed while travelling, doing narcotics probably, being alone, understanding few a things in the teenage and all this diminished such a ‘tendency’ immediately and he would always find instantaneous happiness with a variable ‘t’ (time).